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Minefields is a research project in collaboration with Edward Hollis and Arts Cabinet (UK) -

Minefields in an ongoing research project led by the artist Rita Alaoui, a project fully inscribed in the core of her practice which consists of searching for remains and found objects that depict the passage of time. Through a process of collecting, assembling, keeping and labelling an array of found pieces, Rita undertakes a poetic journey through cities, sites, writings and conversations to investigate the impact of time on the material, the immaterial and the organic.  Minefields is an experimental archaeological process which aims to generate a repository dedicated to the conservation of life and to what is left after time. In collaboration with Edward Hollis, Architect and Head of Research at the University of Edinburgh, College of Art, Minefields will evolve into a multidirectional project which will expand into new geographies, histories and sites, to become a live bibliography, an active open resource of knowledge, ideas and materiality.

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